As times are evolving, technology is moving at the speed of light, and being a nontechnical person in the tech industry can be daunting. Recently in one…

January 2023

5 resources for you to learn from:

June 2022

Ok, tell me if this sounds familiar. You post a piece of content and share a thoughtful opinion, or point of view and you get some hateful comments. Or…
You may think that being resourceful is a superpower that every entrepreneur must-have. But this one skill can help you do well in your 9-5 job, excel…

May 2022

Thank god I was rejected by investors!Listen now (8 min) | 5 lessons I learned as a founder.
This week I found these 5 cool resources for you: Audio Article: How solitude is the quality of leaders. Forget confidence, the ability to speak really…
4 Reasons why Web3 is your way out of the hustle!Listen now (7 min) |
Any why you should be excited about it!

March 2022

Here is the proof.....

February 2022

This one line brought me so much joy this week!

January 2022

New Founder School is NOW FREE for ALL Founders!
It’s 2022! Yay!! Let’s make resolutions! Let’s make plans! Let’s make this the best year of our lives! Right? Well, as a founder the pressure to make…