Founder Hour with Arjita

As a Founder, I’ve worked on building New Founder SchoolEqually and Indiarath, Startup India Advisory. In this journey, I have seen the need for accessibility to the right resources, the power of borderless collaboration, and the benefits of curiosity and imagination. So, being a huge believer in collaborative learning, I have decided to share my journey with all of you, with my Substack channel called - Founder Hour with Arjita.

Founder Hour with Arjita will capture the insights from my journey while navigating through various domains such as the Startup Ecosystem, Women in leadership, building Education systems, and relearning holistic development. 

You will find me knocking on your inboxes bi-monthly. I hope this newsletter will be a valuable addition to your inbox. Additionally, please share your feedback and suggestions to help me bring the content that matters to you the most.

See you soon!


Arjita Sethi